Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Integer Calculator

Both the free and paid versions of Big Integer Calculator should be available soon on the app Store.  Big Integer Calculator is an application designed to precisely calculate very large integers in base 10. Examples include precise calculation of large factorials (ex. 200!) and large exponents (ex. 2^1000). The number of digits supported is limited only by the available memory on your device. The calculator's display is scrollable to accommodate for longer integers. Supported integer operations include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (quotient), modulus (remainder), factorial, and exponent.  Multiplication and division of some very large numbers does take time (seconds), so please be patient with such numbers.  The paid version removes the ad support and also adds memory functions.Example:   200! = 788657867364790503552363213932185062295135977687173263294742533244359449963403342920304284011984623904177212138919638830257642790242637105061926624952829931113462857270763317237396988943922445621451664240254033291864131227428294853277524242407573903240321257405579568660226031904170324062351700858796178922222789623703897374720000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Once again, please let me know of any bugs or issues you may find.  Any suggestions for improvement are always appreciated.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Simple BMI Calculator 2011 v1.1

Please let me know of any bugs or issues you may have found.  They will be addressed as soon as I know about them.  Also, any suggestions for future releases are always welcome.